Mac lion upgrade from 10.5.8

I like to have 2 browsers on my machine so I can stream the BBC and do other searches…. Thanx for looking at my needs. I assume you mean OS X But when Mountain Lion came out, Apple stopped selling Lion. So you just go from Snow Leopard right to Mountain Lion.

Google Drive support OS X 10.5

But if you are using a Mac that supports Lion, but not Mountain Lion, then you are out of luck. Wish to upgrade to the latest version for imac. Currently running the OS X All Rights Reserved. Sophos 8 which works on Install a web filter.

It has the additional benefit of helping to protect you from a phishing attack. Do not use Safari.

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From now on, use only a web browser that is actively maintained for your OS. Chrome , Firefox , and Opera all work well. The first item should let you choose the default web browser.

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Then be sure to quit Safari and remove it from your Dock by dragging the icon off. This will need to be done for each user account on the computer. Firefox and Opera are now your options. Disable Bluetooth. Delete unused accounts. Remove any accounts from the left column that are no longer in use, and disable guest account access.

Update Leopard for better performance

You may need to click the padlock in the bottom left corner to change the settings here. Note that this will likely delete their documents, music, preferences, email, etc.

Disable DMZ on your router. Most routers have a setting called DMZ demilitarized zone which is off by default. This was quite common a few years back with gaming or people running other specific servers. Be cautious. Only download and run software from sources that you trust.

How Do I Upgrade From OS X 10.5.8 To 10.8.2

Skip to content. What are my options? It will, however, install onto a blank drive, so Lion clearly doesn't need any of Snow Leopard's files or settings.

So how can you install Lion over Leopard? There are three ways: the official way, the brute-force method, and the quick-but-techie way. Whichever method you choose, you should—as with any OS installation—be sure to have an up-to-date, tested backup of your drive before you begin. As I mentioned above, the Lion installer will let you install Lion onto a bare drive when the installer itself is run under Snow Leopard or Lion.

So as long as you have a good backup; a 4GB-or-larger thumb drive or external drive; and either access to a Mac running Snow Leopard or Lion, or an already downloaded copy of the Lion installer, you can perform a bit of installer razzle-dazzle. If this sounds a lot like a clean install , that's because it's essentially the same process.

For this purpose, I recommend a clone. Be sure to test this backup to verify that it has your latest data: In the case of a Time Machine backup, try restoring some important data from the backup; in the case of a clone backup, boot from the clone to make sure it boots and that it contains all your data. Create a bootable Lion-installer drive using the instructions in How to make a bootable Lion install disk or drive.

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Downloads and Operating System Compatibility

Boot your Leopard Mac from that new Lion install drive. After your Mac restarts, installation finishes, and you proceed through the setup process, watch for the Transfer Information To This Mac screen. But how does the installer know your drive contains Leopard and not Snow Leopard? The Lion installer—which will still need to be run on a Mac running Snow Leopard or Lion—will then install Lion over Leopard without the slightest complaint. Using a text editor that lets you enter an admin-user name and password to edit system-level files—such as the non-Mac App Store version of TextWrangler —open SystemVersion.

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