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The results aren't literal text, but the field code displays text. You can customize a field code by adding switches. Often, a switch is the only way to make certain customizations. Switches are just more instructions. I'm using Office on a Windows 10 bit system, but this solution will work in older versions.

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However, it isn't supported by the browser version, although you can update an existing TOC. You can work with any document or download the demonstration. Both offer options that allow you to customize all levels of your TOC. However, neither option lets you omit page numbers from a specific level.

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You can, however, remove all page numbering, which is something you probably won't want to do often. If you plan ahead, you may know that you want to omit page numbers and create the TOC accordingly--for the most part. We've already applied Heading 1 to the section text and Heading 4 to the annotation text. Using built-in styles isn't strictly necessary to create a TOC, but it's the easiest way. We don't want page numbers displayed for annotations; currently, we have only two levels: Heading 1 and Heading 4.

Without page numbers, the TOC isn't particularly useful. Then, press Delete twice. The References tab doesn't allow you to remove page numbering from a specific level. Inserting the TOC field code will have similar results. The annotations are included this time because you added Heading 4 in the previous section. You can use both methods to create the TOC with or without page numbers.

However, neither method lets you remove page numbers from a specific level --Heading 1 or Heading 4. More from the IDG Network. Apple iWork vs. Google G Suite. Make great movies fast on your iPad with iMovie Trailers. Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs: Which works better for business?

Delete a Page in Word

How the macOS Dashboard can actually help you be productive. You can also select Link in the contextual menu around the selected text. Insert your link, including http. On iOS you should select the text whose case you want to change, tap the paintbrush icon, scroll down to the Bold, Itallic, Underline commands and tap the three dots. Word count I like to watch my word count.

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Track Changes Those three dots at the top right of the Pages window are your route to a host of other useful tools, including the Track Changes item. Use Styles Do you set headline font size and other in-text features manually? Bullets bonus Mac only When creating a list you can change all sorts of settings, but one of my favorite tricks is to change the bullet image to am emojii or an image from my image library.

Document bookmarks You may want to create bookmarks to help readers navigate through your documents, as a table of contents or to access more information about a certain topic from elsewhere in the tract. On iOS: Select the text you want to bookmark, tap the backwards P at the top of the keypad and select the Bookmark item to create the mark.

Open new Mac only Want to get rid of the template chooser when opening a new Pages document? You can open this in a word processor, or change the.

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This should now open in your web browser. Full instructions here. Chart simple Here is how to create and configure a chart in Pages On a Mac tap the chart item and select a chart to place a chart in your document. Say you have a five-page document and you want page two moved to the end.

How to Remove Hyperlink in Word on Mac

To cut and paste, you can use the Edit button in the menu bar or right-click and use the context menu. Like with rearranging pages, duplicating a page in a Page Layout document is much easier than it is in a word-processing document. Word-processing documents use Sections and by default, the document is all one Section unless you specifically add more. If you have the Thumbnails sidebar open, you can right-click or hold Control and click, then pick Duplicate from the context menu. Or, right-click or hold Control and click, then pick Duplicate from the context menu.

Removing a single page from a document is, once again, simpler with a Page Layout document than a word-processing document. But of course, it can be done. If you have spaces remaining on your page, you may have to hit Delete a few times.