Set up network printer on mac

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Windows, Mac, and Linux can all get along together, sharing files with each other on a network. They can also share printers, allowing you to use a single wired printer for all the computers on your home network. This is only necessary if you have a wired printer connected directly to a computer, such as USB printer. Modern wireless printers connect to networks and share themselves, so you just have to connect to them.

Visit the Printers list in the Control Panel, right-click the printer you want to share, and select Printer properties. Click the Sharing tab, enable sharing for the printer, and give it a name.

You can also enable printer sharing while setting up a new printer. Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer and click the Network option to browse computers on your local network. Double-click the printer to add and configure it.

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It will appear alongside your local printers in standard print dialogs. You can also use the Add Printer dialog in the Devices and Printers pane.

Connect your Mac to a Printer Shared by Windows Computer - Wireless or Wired Printing

It will scan for nearby printers and allow you to easily add them. Linux does work with Bonjour automatically, so only Windows will need any additional software to access such a printer. Add the shared printer to your system and it will appear like any other local printer.

KB Parallels: Setting Up a Network Printer

Printers shared from Linux computers will be automatically detected and provided as options when printing. You should change the page setup for your document in the word processor before printing it. Any paper size other than letter size will cause the printer to wait for you to manually feed the paper.

Jump to Navigation. From the Apple Menu, click System Preferences 2. A window similar to what is shown below is displayed.

Adding a Network Printer on a Mac

Click on the IP tab. For the Queue , type in the name of the printer such as W1stFlr See the Printing page for a list of printers 9. Click the Add button. Printing F.

Share a Printer on Windows