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If we are talking about minimalism, this app is the king because it just does one thing and that is to tell you how long are you using your laptop.

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But the idea of this app is to keep you informed so you can stop and take a break whenever needed, stand up and stretch a little. Or maybe you can relax your eyes by doing some eye exercises. Remember my article, in case you missed it here is the link.

What does it do? It can ingrates with your calendar app so that you can link a task or note with an event.

The only Mac apps you need for a productive 2018 👨🏻‍💻

Highly recommended. I know we all have faced the problem when trying to drag some item from one window to another. You have to first decrease the size of one window so that both your windows can fit on the screen simultaneously, and then drag the item s. Spectacle is a great solution for this. By pressing keyboard shortcuts, you can resize and move any windows in any part of the screen.

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At Skynox, we help young startups develop and launch their MVPs! Very, very handy tool. What this app does is show a popup whenever you select something, and in that popup, there are many actions you can perform. You can do a google search, open link in browser, see dictionary suggestions, and choose from a range of more than 50 operations! You can even link it with other apps like Evernote, Todoist, Slack or pretty much any popular app you can think of.

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Once you identify a trigger point through a specific muscle or zone search, the app recommends the best course of action to take. All ages, skin types and disease variations, based on severity and stage, are represented. This extensive collection, which continues to grow, is the foundation for Visual DX. Airstrip Cardiology By combining wireless mobile transmission of ECGs with digital visual enhancement and touch screen capabilities as well as automatic access to historical data, AirStrip Cardiology enables more informed and timely decisions by cardiologists.

Cardiac waveform data can be viewed and analyzed — leading to a quicker diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients. Skyscape Medical Resources This app includes drug information, medical searches, medical calculators and data for more than separate topics. Connected wearable solution that trains brain and muscle for persons with disability after stroke or injury, or due to ageing.

Therapify Poland Product: Therapify. App to track progress in psychotherapy and share results with therapist. Online course for birth preparation.

Be part of it! Additionally, the winners will be honored with cash prizes up to 3, EURO. Bayer G4A. Bayer G4A is a global program that offers support to startups and companies that are developing innovative solutions in health and care. We do it by providing: places to work, mentors and experts to guide companies with business development, financial support, and networking opportunities through our extensive networks.

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  • For us, every program and chapter unlocks its unique potential by focusing on different topics and markets. What do our programs all have in common?

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    Roche Startup Creasphere. Roche Startup Creasphere is the Digital Health Accelerator founded by Roche and Plug and Play which provides an open innovation platform to engage with startups and further healthcare players. Most recently Sanofi joined the accelerator beginning of