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If you own a Mac computer, you are likely satisfied with a large number of features on your device. In all likelihood, you heavily rely on your Mac computer to tackle projects in your personal and professional life. One of the features is the ability to convert a movie or another type of video into another video format. While this seems like an easy enough task on the surface, you will quickly discover that you need to find additional software to proceed.

While there are many different options, we have collected the best free video converters for Mac devices. As always, the following list of free video converters is not ranked based on preference or favoritism. Rather, it is a collection of free software that can help you convert any type of video on your Mac device. Any Video Converter for Mac is a piece of freeware that helps millions of Mac users convert video.

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According to Anvsoft, the company that produces the software, Any Video Converter for Mac supports over inputs and outputs. It is a video converter for Mac that is free to download and does not contain any adware or malware. DivX Video Converter is a simple, easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to convert your video into a number of formats.

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DivX Video Converter uses a drag and drop interface. The software has a number of features, including the ability to maximize speed over quality when converting your video, set bitrate and combine multiple clips within our video, or add audio tracks and subtitles to your video. There are two versions of DivX Video Converter that you can download: a free version and a pro version.

To see the differences between both versions, please click here. Permute is a simple, free MP4 converter for Mac. Like DivX Video Converter, Permute uses a drag and drop system to make the conversion process as easy as possible. When you drag your video into Permute, the software presents output types that you can select for your video.

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It simply converts your video into another file type. Handbrake for Mac is another piece of software that allows you to easily convert video.

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Threaded view. White LED correct for mbp calibration? From a iMac to iMac for Lightroom - Deedback. Paul Hagstrom : " It's certainly possible to use all of the tools ffmpegX wraps on your own by downloading them, compiling them, and running them from the command line, but it is a several-stage process with lots of trial and even more error Major has taken the guesswork out of encoding, and has kept it very usable, very configurable, and very up-to-date.

Plus, he's been very responsive to feature requests and all other questions on his support forum. It's well worth the shareware price, if nothing else for the time and aggravation you'll save yourself ". Why ffmpegX?

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Not so much time ago, there was no method available for MacOS apart from some freaky process involving PC emulation. When OSX was introduced, it became possible to run Unix command line tools like ffmpeg, mpeg2enc and vcdimager. However, operation in command line mode was time consuming.

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Some GUIs popped out for each tool from pioneers like Ross, Henry Mason and Jesper Nillson, but still, many apps were required to go through a full encoding and authoring process. So I decided to control all components with a single GUI. The result was good enough for myself, and also seemed useful to others, so I spent some time for improving it and creating this site.

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